I began my yoga practice after 7 years of a dancing background as a mean to stay physically fit and healthy. After I began my yoga journey and deepened my practice I realized I was attaining much more than the physical benefit of asana. I began to learn about myself, embracing  who I was in the moment. While practicing my asanas, I began to practice fully focused and with a depth of commitment not only to the posture but to the journey that is yoga. Naturally I began to truly create a strong awakening within. This new found compassion I was cultivating began to reach out to everything and everyone around me, bringing bountiful amounts of joy and peace into my life.I encourage in my teaching a sense of freedom to what no longer serves us, to make magical moments that make this practice beautiful and our lives full of joy! I share a practice that makes space to explore the power within each one of us, and create room for growth. My students will walk away from my class with a deeper understanding of what makes them special and lovely, a sense of peace and contentment, and a smile. I try to offer a wide range of classes to accommodate to many different people and environments!